A2k Company since establishment in 2001 specializes in custom software support, maintenance, and Development for various businesses throughout New Zealand.

With our advanced technological tools, we enjoy the leverage and capacity to develop products and services that can serve the needs of companies running five to twenty computers. This feat has further expanded the variation and intricacies of services and products A2k Company delivers to its customers.

The areas we render services include: enterprise software development, desktop, middleware, GIS Development, mobile applications, database, and web applications.

Our focus in this service is centered on offering advanced real-time solutions and providing you with quality results that meet your software technology needs.

We have been in business for [date] years, and our sporadic development is a reflection of trust and acceptance by high-profile companies in New Zealand.

At A2k Company, our team of management staff constitutes top experts in the software engineering industry with many years of work experience and delivering value in the Information Technology industry. Also, our employees are well trained as they have the intellectual capacity to work independently in delivering astounding results.

We are a very stable company, and we are supported by various revenue channels such as project management, solution consulting, business analysis, testing, integration services and a host of others. We are also prudent in managing our financial resources, and we have no debt.

We, therefore, reiterate our commitment to always provide the necessary IT solutions and support for our clients.


To be a pacesetter in offering real-time custom software support and maintenance for businesses, irrespective of industry, complexity of project and location. We strongly believe that if technical challenges are faced, solutions would be achieved.

Vision Statement

We aspire to be New Zealand’s most valued, sought after software engineering company to execute projects with a comprehensive approach, and with a strong passion for solving complex software issues.