a). Website Design and Development

A2k Company offers a complete website design and development service. We have about 124 developers and have successfully delivered 42,000+ projects to different clients.

With our state-of-the-art tools and technical know-how, we assist our clients in generating more traffic, expand leads and pave the way for more revenue for their business.

We consistently execute projects for clients in the following industries:

Logistics, Telecom, Banking, Insurance, Travel, Healthcare, Media, and Education.

Our service in the area of web development covers:

Business Support

• PLM and ERP

• Online service platforms

• Project and task management

• CXM/CRM and loyalty

Content Management

• Social media

• Document management

• Content repositories and BI

• Digital asset management

Enterprise Portals

• HR portals

• Intranets and extranets

• BI and big data


E-commerce Portals

• Online payment solutions

• Bidding platforms and auctions

• Online retail stores

• B2B and B2C marketplaces

b). Mobile App Development

The need for mobile applications in business cannot be overstretched. In fact, it is a must for modern life.

For more than [ten] years, a2k company has been assisting several businesses in discovering their position in the mobile world. As a pacesetter in the mobile application development industry, we provide all-round mobile app efficiency to meet the client’s expectations in delivering value.

Our area of focus includes:

- UX/UI design

- Quality assurance

- Custom application development

- Maintenance

For Customers

We go extra in bringing your envisioned strategy to life with more customized methods that will assist in engaging your clients and enhance brand patronage.

For Employees

Your staff would be able to effectively utilize mobile technologies to enhance their productivity and teamwork at the workplace so that they can confront challenges of user adoption, quality, and it’s importance for job execution.

c). Custom Software Development

Since establishment, we have been consistently providing a full range of custom software development services to medium-sized and large corporations throughout several industries like:

- Logistics

- Banking and finance

- Travel

- Healthcare

- Education

- Insurance

- Media and entertainment

- Telecommunications

With our technical know-how and years of work experience in the industry, we can deliver customized software development in areas like:

- Web development

- Desktop development

- Mobile app development

- Embedded software development

Our main areas of coverage

When low-tech products cannot meet your particular business needs, our high-skilled development team will take care of all the shades and unseen risks, using integrated software.

  • eCommerce – electronic stores, e-procurement, and e-payment machinery.

  • Enterprise Software – SCM, CRM, HRM, ERP, and billing

  • e-Learning – m-learning, LMS, and electronic learning portals.

Creative Integration

To carry out a smooth and secure exchange of data across units, a2k company is poised to integrate the solution with useful innovative systems without experiencing any interruption for your staff or during business periods.

Our Method in Custom Software Development

We maintain continuous communication to assist you in giving feedback and enhancing the functional effectiveness in business.

Ensuring quality user experience from the beginning of the project

We are very flexible in selecting a development strategy for you. At the peak of the project, we can modify to align with your expected results.

d). GIS Development

The sporadic growth of tablets and smartphones is attracting new opportunities for communication and collaboration within a particular domain.

Geographic location apps are increasingly becoming popular both among direct consumers and business outfits.

The characteristics of this type of technology are its focus-viewing ability to track users and monitor their movements.

As part of our services, a2k company is always at the forefront of providing this service to businesses which incorporate Customer Relationship Management tools in their companies.

There are lots of benefits to this technology:

Geolocation Application Development offers enhanced visibility for business value. When users are easily located, businesses can leverage on it to monitor clients and workers, and then make faster decisions that will guarantee an astounding performance.

e). SAAS Development

With the competitive nature of businesses, most companies desire to be more flexible and alert. The Software as A Service (SAAS) software is increasingly becoming widespread only because it provides a secure method of deployment and reduces costs. With SAAS, applications are integrated into a single platform and made available for use on the internet.

Benefits of using SaaS

  • Reduced IT costs

  • Scalability

  • Effective functionality

  • Faster deployment

  • Easier administration

  • Global accessibility

We at a2k company are a proven reliable software vendor that businesses can collaborate with, to enjoy maximum benefits of the SAAS model.