A big IT firm, Ericsson has predicted that there will be more than one billion smart devices connected to the 5G network by 2020.

To many businesses, this seems to be good news, but there are some perceived consequences to this new development. Some experts have also predicted that the new technology would open more network endpoints and would usher in a series of internet hacks which will spell doom for many businesses.

More disturbing is another report from an IT company who surveyed more than one thousand workers in Europe stated that about 50% number of companies do not protect the data of their clients and workforce as a result of insufficient server security.

The IT firm expressed the need for concern, going by the comparison between the trouble days which was experienced and the number of times cyber -attacks took places among businesses. Of course, forty- three percent of companies in the United Kingdom suffered lots of internet hacks in 2018.

The information also explained that one- quarter of the employees they interviewed said they do not have much sensitive information saved on their server, maintaining that most workers are not technologically informed.

However, it is seen as strange that the Department for Culture, Sport, Digital, and Media in some of their researches countered this information.

The figures from the department, in fact, indicate a nine percent reduction of businesses affected by a cyber- attack in 2018, with just thirty- two percent recognizing an attack within the year.

The report, however, believes that this reduction can be a result of the enactment of stringent new data policies guiding the Data Protection Act, adding that thirty percent of businesses and thirty -six percent of aids and donations have created some modifications to their cyber laws and processes due to GDPR.

Though, despite some of its outcomes which signals some hopes, the report also explains some odd sides to it. This means that many businesses experienced impediments and delays, the number of times they were attacked in which they suffered losses has increased. With this result, it means that internet hackers are not relenting in their evil attempts.

The statistics that were made available by the department reveal that close to fifty percent of companies and close to forty percent of aids and donations that suffered attacks recognized it on each month it happened. In addition to this, it also declared that the normal cost of an internet attack on a particular company has further increased to over four thousand pounds.

This Department of Communications, however, accepts the facts that most employees are not technologically informed and maintaining that there is still much work to be done. To seek a solution, about ten percent of the companies in the United Kingdom have trained their employees on how to handle internet attacks.

It is not sure about whose report is more precise and correct, and it is worrisome that there is an excellent disproportion among them.

Nevertheless, it is a fact that the rate of cyber -attacks is really increasing and they will keep on growing as long as we keep connecting. Therefore, regardless if you are a business that is richly informed and ready or among those companies that are naïve, the preventive measures you are taking now should be double and very useful. The best option you have left is to train your workers and get prepared to fight any attempt to cyber -attack.